4 Helpful tips for riding your 6ku at night

With the time change and winter months upon us, we all have to be more careful when we are out on our bikes. The sunsets earlier in the day, so many riders and commuters now are faced with a cold and dark ride home. So all of us at 6KU wanted to give you a few tips on being safe when riding at night.

1.LED is the way to be!

Most of us know that legally we need lights on the front and back of our bikes to ride at night. Since all lights are not created equal here is a quick tip for a affordable way to improve visibility. You can never have to many lights mounted on your bike at night.

Even if you already have lights on your bike, our 6KU Led lights are a great affordable way to give others another way to make you more visible. Place them on your handlebars or helmet for extra visibility. Click Hereto see more.

2.Choose the right color clothing.

I know it sounds like a no brainer, but we all have seen that cyclist wearing almost all black riding down the road at night. I know bright yellow reflective clothing isnt everyone's thing, but simply choosing a brighter color shirt will make you stand out to cars more at night.

3. Ride with purpose.

Most cars on the road even in the day time don't pay attend to cyclists on the road, and that is even worse at night. Try to be more aware of them when riding at night and be prepared to react quickly. We recommend not using any in ear headphones at night so you can hear the traffic more clearly.

4.Upgrading your reflectors.

Most of us throw away the reflectors that come with our bikes, I am guilty of that as well. That doesn't mean you cant "upgrade" your reflectors. Many company's product reflective tape to add to your bike frame,fenders, and bike racks. This can be a easy way to improve your safety and style of your bike. Click Here