6KU Urban Track Bike

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Do you want a lightweight track bike that won’t break the bank? Then the 6KU Urban Track is the bike for you. Our Urban Track features a lightweight aluminum frame and fork. This is one purchase you won’t regret.

All 6KU Urban Track bikes include FREE assembly tools. $30 Value of free tools that is all you will need to assemble your new bike!

  • Lightweight Full Aluminum Frame and Fork
  • 30mm Deep V Double-Walled Alloy Wheels
  • Ride Fixed Gear or Freewheel with a Flip-Flop Hub
  • Easy Maintenance and Upkeep
  • 30-Day Hassle-Free Return Policy
What's Included
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How to Build
What's Included
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Full Geometry Chart


4'10" - 5'1"
5'2" - 5'4"
5'5" - 5'7"
5'8" - 5'11"
6'0" - 6'2"
6'3" - 6'6"
A | Top Tube Length 508 512 537 555 585 610
B | Seat Tube C-T 470 490 520 550 580 600
C | Stand Over 748 755 780 804 840 863
D | Stack 486 486 506 524 534 585
E | Reach 383 383 400 405 424 443
F | Head Tube Angle 72° 72° 73° 73° 74° 74°
G | Seat Tube Angle 75° 75° 75° 74° 74° 74°
H | Fork Rake 45 45 45 45 45 45
I | B.B. Drop 55 55 52 50 50 50
J | Wheelbase 961 961 978 983 1009 1029
K | Chain Stay 405 405 405 405 424 443
L | Head Tube 90 90 110 130 170 190
How to Build

Customer Reviews

Based on 837 reviews
Darwin Cabrera
Great bike for that price

Great bike, very light and easy to put together

Thomas Itabiyi
OK Bike with the potential for greatness

These days, it's cheaper to buy a complete bike than to buy a frame & fork set. So... I set out looking for a bike that had what I wanted at the cheapest price. I'm a hefty guy, so no carbon fiber for me... which means Throne and Cyborg are a no go. I wanted a thicker styled frame in 100% 6061 alloy. It came down to Golden and 6ku. 6ku has a decent reputation at this price point and.... there was a bit of a discount when shopping directly on their website.

Fast forward, the bike arrives, well packaged. The frame is well built, the tires are blah... standard issue Kenda tires with Kenda tubes. The Tektro breaks, again blah... actually my front break had a bad paint job, but all else was functional. The rims are OK, but the back rim is slightly out-of-round, which my local shop fixed up for me. Also the bearing nuts were way too tight out-of-box and not adequately lubricated. I fixed that... The chain is cheap and will stretch quickly (see above where I mention that I'm hefty) but it will do for now. 1 of the hex nuts for the rear wheel was stripped, out of box; luckily I had spares. The plastic pedals are a joke, I bought some really nice platform pedals on Amazon with spd clips on 1 side.

I bought this bike for the frame, mostly, so for that It did it's job. I replaced the tires and tubes (Vittoria hybrid road tires, 700x28c pictured), but kept the rims. I replaced the tektro brake levers with TT break levers from Soma. I replaced their handle bars with a T2 wing bullhead handle bar, 44cm width, very nice.... I've kept the seat for now, but it's not great and I'll replace it eventually. Also, I've seen plenty of complaints about the BB breaking,so I'm gearing up to replace that as well.

That said, I'm happy with my purchase. All in all, I got what I wanted for about $600, which is a few hundred less than the starter Throne or CYBORG, which I would still have had to modify.

Julia Kramer-Golinkoff

Great bike, great price

Doug Winbury

6KU Urban Track Bike

Great bike for the price…one thing to improve.

6kU needs to checkout Guardian bikes directions on assembly, Guardians booklet and video instructions are a good model for any bike company to follow. 6KU instructions are for several bikes and need to be more model specific.