Inspiring Others at every moment in life.

Simply put, at 6KU we’re passionate with all things that propel our lives. Whether that means enjoying time with your favorites or you’re just getting to where you need to be, our pieces get you there with a smile. Blending tried and tested technologies with elegant designs, 6KU becomes the building blocks of your style. Our mission is to inspire others at every moment in life.

Quality - Designed for You
We’re into trends just like everyone else, but this does not overshadow our promise in providing quality. That’s why we carefully source the finest materials and meticulously design each piece with you in mind. Our pieces allow you to live your life, not stop it.

Support - Because We Care
It’s about you, and we are here to help. We guarantee everything we make, but we understand that things happen and it’s not your fault. So, when you’re in trouble or in search of answers, we work our hardest to support you and get you moving.

Responsibility - Better Alternatives
As we ambitiously to produce the best possible pieces, we know that process is a part of the problem. Behind the scenes, we continuously strive to improve our business practices by reducing our consumption and converting to cleaner alternatives. Our goal is to be a part of the solution.