Frequently Asked Questions about 6KU Bicycles

Q: Do you ship to my country?

A: Please proceed to the shopping cart page. If you see your country listed, we ship there. If your country is not listed and you can’t proceed with checkout, we don’t ship to your location.

Q: Which items can be shipped internationally?

A: Most items we sell can be shipped internationally. Some other items can’t be shipped internationally, due to the limitations on the size of the box on international shipments.

Q: What size 6KU bicycle should I buy?

A: Each 6KU bicycle has a recommended size range based on your height and inseam. To see it, click on “Find my Size” on the page with the bicycle you are interested in.

Q: What is the dropout spacing on 6KU Urban Track and Fixie models?

A: 100mm front, 120mm rear.

Q: How do I add a rear rack to the 6KU Fixie or Urban Track models?

A: We recommend the Planet Bike ECO rack for these models. Although 6KU Fixie and Urban Track don’t have dedicated braze-on for rack mounting hardware, you can still mount a rack by using band clamp type adapter as a substitute mounting point.

Q: What’s the difference between the 6KU Fixie and Urban Track models?

A: The 6KU Urban Track and Fixie bikes are very similar, but not identical. The Urban Track has a (lighter) aluminum frame, while the frame on the Fixie is steel, so Urban Track is about 3 lbs lighter. Urban Track uses a 31.8mm diameter stem and handlebar, while the Fixie has a 25.4mm stem and handlebar. Finally, the Urban Track uses an internal headset for a cleaner look, while the Fixie has a traditional external cup headset.

Q: Can I add gears / multi-speed drivetrain / shifter to the 6KU Fixie or Urban Track?

A: No, these are one-gear bikes. It is not possible to change them to multi-speed bikes. There is no mounting point for a derailleur or cable stops.

Q: What if I don’t want to ride fixed gear?

A: Both the 6KU Fixie and Urban Track come with a flip-flop rear hub. It has a singlespeed (allowing the rider to coast) freewheel on one side and a track cog (for fixed gear riding) on the other, you can swap between them as desired.

Q: What size are the axle nuts on 6KU Fixie and Urban Track?

A: The Front is 9.0mm x 1mm and the is Rear, ⅜” x 26 TPI.


Q: What is the weight limit on 6KU bikes? 

A: The weight limits on 6KU bikes are 250 lbs for the rider 50 lbs for cargo.