February 16, 2017


Welcome to 6KU's first Photo contest, we are looking for the best picture of your 6KU. Simply follow 6KU on Instagram and post a new image using the hashtag #6KUCoaster. This will give you the chance to win a brand new 6KU Coast Brake City Bike! Below we listed some simple tips to help you create the perfect shot.


The Photo Contest will run from February 8, 2017 to February 22, 2017.


-Photos must be posted between February 8,2017 to February 22,2017

-Winners must be located in the U.S.A.


6KU riders are an awesome and creative bunch. We get photos of riders and their bikes from all around the world daily and we appreciate the love. That’s why we really enjoy sharing your pix by featuring as many of our fan’s photos as possible, but unfortunately not all the photos we receive are usable. The last thing we want is for our fans to feel neglected.

Fear not however for we’ve come up with a solution. We’ve created an infographic that will help all you creatives out there with some guidelines on how to snap some righteous photos of your bikes. Just make sure to tag 6kubikes and add #6ku to any of your shots! We constantly look through our feeds for sweet shots to re-post. Thanks for all the love and we can’t wait to see what pictures you come up with in the future.


Here’s the first rule of sweet bike photos: When in doubt… Drive side ut!o


Second thing to keep in mind when taking photos of your bikes are the two C’s: Clean and Crisp, you want your bike to stand out after all.

Sizing Chart

We’ve made it easy to find the right sized bike for you using our quick reference Sizing Guides! Just use the slider below to navigate through the different 6KU infographics and you’ll be ready in no time! If you are still unsure of which size is best for you we always recommend that you go to your local bike shop and get fitted. Look at the ‘Find a Dealer’ section of our website to locate the closest dealer near you or click here to go straight there.




16 Speed Classic Road Bike

8 Speed Men's Commuter Bike

8 Speed Women's Commuter Bike

Coaster Brake City Bike