6KU Troy Review

When I received my 6KU Troy 16 speed classic road bike, I let out a squeal of excitement. The gray color was beautiful, and though it was a new bike, its finishing touches made the steel frame look like a classic. As much of my time is spent on racing bikes, I loved the solid feel of the Troy and felt like I could ride over anything (sand, mud, puddles, etc.), further contributing to the steel frame’s extremely smooth ride.

Though San Diego doesn’t usually experience much foul weather, this year’s rain made me appreciate the bike’s fenders, which kept my back splatter free. From commuting to work, to picking up groceries or rolling to the local brewery, this bike is a solid choice. I find myself looking forward to my recovery days just so I can jump on this beauty and ride it to my favourite coffee shops and take in the views that are so often missed during training rides.