6KU Urban Track vs. 6KU Fixie

What is the difference between Urban Track and Fixie?

We get asked this question very frequently “What is the difference between the Urban Track and Fixie” so we decided to make a blog to point out the main differences.

For starters, Urban Track has aluminum frame and fork, on the Fixie the frame and fork are steel. The Urban Track is lighter for higher-performance riding and is easier to carry upstairs or on the roof rack of a car (3lbs lighter). Fixie has a 25.4mm diameter handlebar and stem, while Urban Track uses oversize 31.8mm diameter parts for extra stiffness and strength. More sizes - Urban Track comes in 6 sizes, while Fixie comes in 5 sizes. More sizes mean you can more easily perfectly fine-tune the fit to the rider height.

Although they are different in some ways they also have some key points in common. A common ground both these products share is that both have very easy maintenance and upkeep. Both of these products have a 30-day hassle-free return policy. Also note, both Urban Track and Fixie include FREE TOOLS with each bike purchase. All tools you will need to build this bike are included a $30 value you can't pass up on!