Adventuring In Newport Beach!

Orange County has many beautiful cities and many beautiful places to visit and do things at. Newport Beach being one of the most visited cities in Orange County, has a lot to offer and of course it helps that it is a cute beach city. You can peacefully take a nice stroll through in your bike since it is very bike friendly! But picking a specific place in the city to go to could be challenging since you want to do so many things in one day. Luckily everything in Newport Beach is near each other so you could ride from one place to another and do many things in one day. No doubt it’s always more fun doing these things with a partner so all of these places could be enjoyable with someone by your side. Here are a list of places and things to do in Newport Beach that would be very lovely to visit and get the most out of in a day while riding around this area.

1. Balboa Peninsula - For starters there are many things in the peninsula that one can do. The peninsula is a residential neighborhood with many attractions. Some of these attractions on the peninsula include the Balboa Fun Zone, the Balboa Pier, and many bars and restaurants for you to choose from! Being in the Balboa Fun Zone will definitely spark major nostalgic vibes because here you’ll find games such as Pac-Man and Skeeball. From being able to play arcade games, to being able to ride a mini ferris wheel to being able to rent a couple jet skis and going jet skiing or even going out in a duffy boat! There are a variety of things for you to do here.

2. Fashion Island - Looking for parking at any outdoor mall or even indoor could be hectic sometimes so riding your bike to this outdoor mall is perfect! Fashion island is your place to go! There is a variety of selection of stores to shop at in fashion island and if you get tired of shopping there is also restaurants you can stop at and grab a bite while you’re there instead of making reservations and going out of your way to somewhere else.

3. Balboa Pier - Although there is two piers to choose from in Newport Beach, Balboa tends to be more popular due to it having the attraction of Ruby’s. Ruby’s is 40’s inspired local diner chain. If you’re in the mood for a burger this is your spot! At least you have 2 piers to chose from while being here.

4. Lido Marina Village - This little village has become of the trendiest places to visit in Newport Beach due to all the chic boutiques it has as well as many dining places. It’s perfect if you’re trying to be a little more lowkey while in Newport Beach.

5. Banzai Bowls - Being in Newport it is a must to stop by Banzai Bowls! This place has the best Acai bowls in town. Banzai Bowl prides themselves in having the best ingredients in town and creating each bowl in a timely manner and with love! Grabbing this snack before getting your day started is the most perfect way to start your adventure in Newport.

6. Sherman Library & Gardens - The Sherman Library and Gardens is a botanical garden located in Corona Del Mar. This place is basically a museum of plants. Here you could take a stroll and enjoy the freshness of this place and all the beautiful plants it has to offer. Not only could you just take a stroll here but you can also enjoy a yoga class or a meditation class. This place is considered one of the lushest place to go to in the city. The garden has many different features such as seasonal flower beds.

7. Crystal Cove State Park - Now this place is so stunningly beautiful to take a stroll through and ride your bike through. The views all around are amazing and you can sit and take a moment to enjoy mother nature and smell the fresh air while being here.

8. Corona Del Mar - Corona Del Mar spanish for Crown of the Sea is the most perfect lowkey beach located in Newport. This lowkey beach is popular with families and swimmers, here you can relax and enjoy the sand on your feet without to many people surrounding you. Perfect activities to do while you’re here would be scuba diving, surfing, playing some beach volleyball. This is 100% enjoyable place to visit.

Now without a doubt this list could go on but these are the primary spots we have found that attract many people to the beautiful city of Newport Beach in Orange County. If you’re looking for a new bike for this adventure no worries we have many color options for you to choose from! Have fun exploring and remember if you do decide to go to these places take pictures and submit them to us in order to be featured on our social media platforms ;)