Pig Pen Collaboration


Bacon. Yep, bacon. If you’re a cyclist, then chances are, you love food. If you love food, then you most likely love bacon.

I heard about Pig Pen Delicacy about a year ago when they opened their first location in Santa Ana’s 4th Street Market. The concept of a restaurant using bacon as the staple tugged on my heartstrings. I have gone out of my way many times to grab a bite there. When I found out they were opening their 2nd location in Long Beach, boy was I excited. Their new location sits inside Steel Craft on Long Beach Blvd. Steel Craft is a spot where they use shipping containers and transform them into restaurants. Knowing that Long Beach has a large cycling community, the team at 6ku and Pig Pen collaborated and designed a custom bike to give away at their grand opening.

The bike we used was a 6KU fixie in the Rogue color way customized to match Pig Pen’s branding. Their slogan, “Don’t go BACON my heart”, was so cute and clever, that we had to put it boldly on the wheels. The bike was to be raffled off to a lucky winner who attended their grand opening.

I had a chance to try out their new mac and cheese burger when I came to deliver the bike. Man, that thing was so good. This delicious burger had buns that were made out of mac and cheese. My heart was racing! Or slowing down. 10/10 would eat it again, but probably should follow it up with a long bike ride to shake off the guilt. If you’re in SoCal, make sure you check out one of their locations, on a cheat day or any day. Toodles.

The burger with mac and cheese buns! *drool*

           The Maple Bacon Jam burger with a fried egg.  Also *drool*.

Co-owner of Pig Pen Delicacy, Jason Trinh 

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Winner of the 6ku/Pigpen custom bike, Candy.