10 Benefits Of Cycling

Some people ride bikes for fun, some ride to exercise, some ride competitively, some ride just to ride but many never keep in mind all the benefits you are getting out of riding. In order to be fit and healthy you must continue to be active. Cycling is an enjoyable activity for all people of all ages. This is also a easy activity to do and good for the environment so it’s just a double win here.

1. Weight Loss - Losing weight could always be challenging for many. However it doesn't have to be challenging if you make it fun. Cycling could make it fun and the benefits are extremely good. One of the simple equations of losing weight is that you must burn more calories than you consume per day. The benefits of losing weight through cycling are huge because you can lose up to 1000 calories an hour through cycling. However this number could depend on how hard you chose to cycle and the distance you travel. Keep in mind that eating well will also help these results show faster. Although riding at least short ride could be beneficial to your health no matter what.

2. Boost Your Health - There are many ways that cycling can help you with your health. It is a great way to maintain your immune system strong. By doing aerobics one is able to knock out sick days by up to 40 percent. By even doing a little bit of exercise this is able to increase essential proteins and wake up the lazy white blood cells in your body to help combat illnesses! Cycling has shown to help reduce the risk of getting heart disease as well as helping prevent forms of cancer and diabetes. This is more of a reason as to why one should go riding!

3. Saves Money - Getting from Point A to Point B can be done through various means of transportation. Walking, running, bus, uber, driving but instead why not cycle? Setting small goals for yourself that you know could be achievable then why not? Set a goal for yourself to cycle to work at least 2 times a week and if that doesn't seem feasible then set a goal for yourself to cycle to the store. Anywhere that requires a mean of transportation try changing that by using a bike to get there.

4. Good For The Planet - So not only is riding a bike good for YOU but it is also good for this wonderful planet we live on. Bikes produce zero pollution when being ridden on. If people were to use a bike instead of a car for their daily commute anywhere there would be alot less carbon pollution which ultimately could also be a benefit for you because you would be breathing much more fresh air. We also would be killing this planet a little less so all in all leave your mark and be the change!

5. Get To Places Faster - Now we all know sitting in traffic is no joke especially for those that live in busy cities! There is literally no way around traffic if you are in a car especially during rush hour. While you are sitting in the car waiting to get to your destination that is time wasted! Therefore, cycling is quicker to get you from point A to point B than any other means of transportation during busy hours. Without a doubt cycling will always be better to get to places in a city rather than a car.

6. Sleep Better - It was found in a research study that those who have insomnia were asked to cycle for up to 30 mins per day to see if it had any affect on their sleeping habits. What was founded was that their sleep increased by an hour due to it taking them less time to actually fall asleep. It’s easy putting two and two together that if you cycle hard for a long time your body will be tired by the end of the day making it easier for you to fall asleep. Long term this could be very beneficial as one ages more.

7. Mental Well Being - Research has shown that those who suffer from mental health conditions such as depression, stress, or anxiety can help treat this by exercising. The enjoyment of doing a physical activity could be good for your mental well being. Going on a ride and enjoying the nature could help with this.

8. Fun Activity To Do With Family & Friends - If you are trying to find something enjoyable to do with your family or group of friends cycling is a great choice! I can speak for myself that ever since I was little a fun by pass time with specifically my dad would be going out for a bike ride! It didn't matter how far we went as long as we were out and peddling all while getting an exercise out of it and having fun! Riding a bike starts from a young age and you can do it forever! Cycling together with friends or family from a young age promotes a healthier lifestyle and you will be able to carry that on into adulthood.

9. Builds Muscle - Cycling is one of the greatest ways to build that muscle! It mostly focuses on building muscle around the glutes, hamstrings, quads, and calves! You will be able to develop some nice muscle if you are consistent with your riding! You won't immediately start noticing this muscle until you make a habit of riding at least a couple times a week.

10. Good For Your Heart - Cycling helps with your heart rate to get up and start pumping blood for your body. This limits the chances of you being overweight. It is one of the most recommended forms of exercise in order to avoid developing heart diseases.