What to carry on bike rides to fix a flat tire

What to carry on bike rides to fix a flat tire

Flat tires are a part of cycling. Every cyclist, from professionals to the complete beginner gets them, but don't fret - a flat tire doesn't have to be the end of your ride. With practice you can change a flat in about 5 minutes and get back on the road. 

When you head out for bike ride, you should always carry the gear needed to fix a flat, every time. Even if you don't know how to change a flat yet, bring these items anyway - someone else might. 

Don't forget: 

  • a spare inner tube (or two for longer rides in remote locations)
  • tire levers
  • A pump
  • Wrench to loosen your axle nuts

If you ride often in an area prone to flats, self-healing inner tubes are a good investment. These can seal many small punctures, like those caused by bits of wire, automatically. We carry them in all the sizes to fit your 6KU Fixie, Urban Track, road bike, etc.