Populo Metro Internal 3spd Urban Bike

The Populo Metro is a bike that combines the sleek looks of a single speed, with the versatility of a geared bike. We wanted to provide the perfect urban bike that's ready for any commute or adventure you have to throw at it. The Metro’s reliable Nexus 3 Speed Hub and twist shifter gives you low, medium, and high gear options, which should be just enough to get you where you need to go with the flick of your wrist.

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What's Included
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Full Geometry Chart



Recommended Rider Height
A | Head Tube Angle 72° 72° 72.5° 72.5
B | Seat Tube Angle 75.5° 74° 74° 74°
C | Top Tube C-C 532.8mm 536.1mm 547.1mm 544.7mm
D | Seat Tube C-T 470mm 500mm 530mm 560mm
E | Head Tube Length 135mm 150mm 180mm 205mm
F | B.B. Drop 50mm 50mm 50mm 50mm
G | Chain Stay 435mm 435mm 435mm 435mm
H | Front Center 605mm 610mm 615mm 615mm
I | Wheelbase 1035mm 1040mm 1045mm 1045mm
J | Reach 393.9mm 394.2mm 394.8mm 397.3mm
K | Stack 554.3mm 568.5mm 599mm 622.9mm
L | Stand Over 746.7mm 772.6mm 803.2mm 832.6mm
How to Build

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Max Braun
Populo Metro

This bike is hella sick for the price

Damon S
Perfect urban commuter

Superior quality to similar bikes, but oddly cheaper. Replace pedals ASAP

Jonathan Anderson
Awesome bike, great shopping experience!

Great bike for commutes. The 3 speeds will seriously get you anywhere with how light the bike is. Makes those downhill rides do-able and the uphill battle possible! Awesome beginning bike for those wanting to get into cycling for the summer.

Jose Garabis
Great bike

Really good quality for the price. Would definitely recommend to anyone who asked.

Luke Anderson
Great Value!!

I was terrified that this bike was going to be to good to be true. After finding this bike I did a good amount of research on it before deciding to purchase. The limited number of reviews I could find were all good, so I decided to take the leap and to purchase the bike.

Upon arrival the bike was very well protected, and easy enough to assemble. Being my first road bike I did have to get a different pump to accommodate the presta valve on the tyre, but that’s wasn’t a big deal. As standard all of the brakes needed adjusting right out of the box, but that was incredibly simple. I took it out for a brisk ride later that day and discovered that the seat was horrendously uncomfortable, I couldn’t even ride it three miles. But once again this is expected, especially on bikes in this price range.

I have now had the opportunity to ride this a decent bit, and I’m incredibly impressed with the bikes performance. The light weight and slim tyres make it so easy to maneuver, and it’s incredibly comfortable to ride for extended periods of time. I use this bike strictly for exercise, and it is everything I was hoping for. So simple to use, and smooth riding. I was a little skeptical of just having three speeds, but I didn’t want to get to complex so I gave it a shot. All three speeds offer just enough of a difference to make this perfect for flat surfaces, going up hills, or bombing down hills, all the while keeping everything simple and streamlined. The shifting is also incredibly smooth. I have never seen an internally geared bike until this one, but I’m sold on the concept after having used this bike. This bike gives you the simplicity of a fixed gear bike, while giving you the practical benifits of having multiple gears, literally the best of both worlds! The bike does all of this while also being incrediblely stylish (not a must have for me, but it’s a nice plus).

This isn’t a $1,500 road bike, but it is an awesome value for someone that isn’t sure if they are...