6KU Fixie Crankset

6KU's durable and affordable fixed gear crankset designed for urban exploring. Finish that build or refresh that old bike with this powerhouse. Directly compatible with all of 6KU's fixie and track models, plus many other make/models too. 

Recommended bottom bracket spindle length: 103mm. Bottom bracket is not included. 


  • Alloy Crank Set 170mm
  • Compatible most square taper bottom brackets (i.e. Neko bottom bracket)
  • 110 BCD / 5 bolt mounting pattern
  • 46 tooth chainring

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
My pedals flew off.

I recently bought a 6ku fixie I followed the instructional video and on the first ride my pedals flew right off almost causing me to crash.

Kealoa, sorry to hear about the issue, hope that you didn't get seriously hurt. Feel free to send us some more pictures & your order number to info@6ku.com for a warranty evaluation.
Pedals came loose

My bike just came less than a week ago and I decided to assemble it on 12/7/18. It has only been 4 days of use (not constant) and the left pedal flew off mid- ride which almost led me to get run over. I got back home only to see the inside threading of the crank arm was completely shaved off. I do not hate this bike but if I am paying 200$ and this is what is happening then I think I have to bring this to your attention for the safety of future costumers.

Hi Brandon, Sorry to hear about this issue, we would love to lend a hand. Feel free to email us at info@6ku.com, thanks.
Pedals came loose

Recently bought myself a fixie from 6ku, within a week of use, one of the pedals came right off as I was using it, I checked to see the problem only to see the threading on the inside of the crankset to be completely flushed out and now I need to pay again to get a new one

Pretty Solid - Good Riding

careful not to strip the cranks when putting in pedals, especially if your pedals are steel. This crankset is aluminum so steel can over power it carefully. Just a warning. Make sure to screw your pedals in nice and straight

the pedals are loose

my pedal that goes inside the hole (side connected to the crank) shaved off the threading inside. my pedal is all loose and now the bike is unusable. I just got the bike like a week ago too. very disappointed that I have to spend more money after dropping 200$ on a 6ku bike just to buy another crank set the following week. very disappointed.

Sebas, Sorry to hear about the issue at hand. We can certainly lend a hand. Feel free to email us with your order number and some picture of the defective item at hand. We can proceed from there.