6KU Fixie Crankset

6KU's durable and affordable fixed gear crankset designed for urban exploring. Finish that build or refresh that old bike with this powerhouse. Directly compatible with all of 6KU's fixie and track models, plus many other make/models too. 

Recommended bottom bracket spindle length: 103mm. Bottom bracket is not included. 


  • Alloy Crank Set 170mm
  • Compatible most square taper bottom brackets (i.e. Neko bottom bracket)
  • 110 BCD / 5 bolt mounting pattern
  • 46 tooth chainring

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Right arm threading got stripped in a week

Assembled the bike, the threading on the right arm on the crankset got entirely stripped.

Aaron Plate
pedal won't thread

I just bought the 6KU Urban Track fixie crispy white.. I think is what it is.. and Im almost certain its the same assembly as this.. I purchased it from city grounds.. and while assembling it I tried to thread the pedal.. and it wouldnt.. I didnt force it.. I didnt cross thread it.. it already had existing burrs.. my left pedal will not thread the arm.. no matter what.. I put some of the chain grease on it that came with the bike.. still no dice..


My previous 5 star rating was incorrect.

Pedal Flew Off

It was my second time riding this bike, and my pedal came off. I looked inside the crank arm and the threading was annihilated. Only had the bike a few days, contacted customer service about a warranty claim, and was told by Johnathan Christopher that this was an error with assembly. I followed the instructions and video exactly, and installed both pedals on the correct sides. Very disappointed because I actually liked the bike overall.

Always be or always have a good bicycle mechanic.

Hello friends, the pedals are maked L and R for left and right sides of the bike-as viewed from the riding position. Each pedal is threaded opposite of the other, great care should be used at this point of assembly, and a little grease on the pedal threads is reccomended.
You will never have a problem if done correctly.