6KU Urban Track Bike

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Do you want a lightweight track bike that won’t break the bank? Then the 6KU Urban Track is the bike for you. Our Urban Track features a lightweight aluminum frame and fork. This is one purchase you won’t regret.

All 6KU Urban Track bikes include FREE assembly tools. $30 Value of free tools that is all you will need to assemble your new bike!

  • Lightweight Full Aluminum Frame and Fork
  • 30mm Deep V Double-Walled Alloy Wheels
  • Ride Fixed Gear or Freewheel with a Flip-Flop Hub
  • Easy Maintenance and Upkeep
  • 30-Day Hassle-Free Return Policy
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What's Included
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Full Geometry Chart


4'10" - 5'1"
5'2" - 5'4"
5'5" - 5'7"
5'8" - 5'11"
6'0" - 6'2"
6'3" - 6'6"
A | Top Tube Length 508 512 537 555 585 610
B | Seat Tube C-T 470 490 520 550 580 600
C | Stand Over 748 755 780 804 840 863
D | Stack 486 486 506 524 534 585
E | Reach 383 383 400 405 424 443
F | Head Tube Angle 72° 72° 73° 73° 74° 74°
G | Seat Tube Angle 75° 75° 75° 74° 74° 74°
H | Fork Rake 45 45 45 45 45 45
I | B.B. Drop 55 55 52 50 50 50
J | Wheelbase 961 961 978 983 1009 1029
K | Chain Stay 405 405 405 405 424 443
L | Head Tube 90 90 110 130 170 190
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Customer Reviews

Based on 885 reviews
My town bike.

I’m enjoying my 6KU bike. The price was very reasonable and it met everything I was looking for in a single speed with the exception of having no places to mount a rear rack.

Joshua Rosenberg
Best entry level aluminum fixed gear.

Positives: good road feel, nice geometry, looks cool, kind of lightweight.

Negatives: Frame size is too small based on my height, chainring is attached to the chaingaurd side of the cranks, rather than the inside, throwing off the alignment of the chainline. Heavy bottom bracket.

At 5'11½" I was between sizes, and the recommendation is to size down. That a big difference between a 55cm and 58cm frame. I had no problems replacing the components, because I really liked the frame. But the frame itself is to small. By the time I upgrade everything, including the crankset and frame, there will be no 6ku parts left on the bike. I guess it's a good skeleton to throw parts until I end up with a custom build. And for this I am happy. It's a great start, and the community bike shop and it's recipients will appreciate the donations.

Don't get me wrong, it's a great beginner fixed gear, maybe I've just become a bit of a bike snob.

Daniel Jaramillo

6KU Urban Track Bike

7,500 "Freaky Fast" Miles

Okay, sit down and settle in because I have a story about this bike and you will not want to miss it. I bought mine in June of 2021 for a job as a bike delivery rider for Jimmy Johns. As soon as I got the bike I set it up as a fixed gear and rode it for work. Through a summer with months of 100 degree days, and 150-200 mile weeks I slowly upgraded some parts. I swapped to bullhorn bars, put some Gatorskins on, swapped to Fyxation gates slim pedals and straps and eventually swapped the crankset for a 130 bcd set so i could run a better chainring. I also geared it up to 46/15 from 46/16 which was nice for a top end around 35-37 MPH (GPS tested) depending on how fast you could pedal. Eventually over time and research i swapped every single part on the bike except for the frame. The final form was a Columbus Carbon fork, Origin 8 Carbon seat-post, Novatec wheels and hubs, COntinental gatoskin 28C up front and any used burner Gatorskin that i could find to run as a rear, a Thompson elite x4 stem, Cinelli Lola Bars, Deda Elementi Bar Tape, All City 46T chainring and all city 15T Cog, Sugino RD2 crankset, Selle Italia saddle, Chris King Headset and a Shimano Bottom bracket. Finally, after all the abuse and crazy things i have done on this bike, on this day i finally ended up changing out the frame. I'm moving to a state black label frame and just swapped almost all of the parts over to that for my job. In the end the thing that killed the frame (after 7,000 miles) were the dropouts, there are no axle pads on the rear to save the frame from damage from the axle on the inside of the dropouts. All in all, this bike impressed me and all of my friends at bike shops around town. An amazon frame that had held up through the awful abuse of delivering in heat and snow, riding gravel roads and a healthy amount of curb drops. Are there better bikes out there? Sure, but will this thing keep moving for you no matter what? Yes of course. But this bike will get you through traffic in a flash, it will cruise bike paths and smash gravel paths and roads, it will even get you home after a crazy night out downtown. So go ahead, buy it, build it up, and eventually graduate up to something more expensive.

Outstanding single gear bike

I love this bike. I do 20 km 4 times a week. My bike stays outside all summer and I'm not afraid someone will steal it as there are no other single speed bike in my town. The seat is too hard, I changed it for a 40 dollar gel seat and now it's great. I BOUGHT THIS BIKE FOR EXERCISE AND THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT I'M GETTING! I have gained 6 lbs of muscles in a month and I'm 63 years old.
No pain, no gain! I WILL BE USING THIS BIKE TO Zwift on a dumb wheel on trainer with Wahoo cadence and speed sensor in winter. Just can't wait. If you can find it on Amazon, just buy it!